Brightness in dark times sunstone silver organic earrings
Brightness in dark times When you need some light to raise you up through difficult times, nothing compares to the brightness of sunstone. The spiritual meaning of Sunstone is the representation of the ultimate energetic source of light, warmth, and life...
Dreaming in green moss agate fern silver necklace
Dreaming in Green Oh the beautiful moss agate always pulls at the heart, such a sweet and mystical green. Healing and nurturing all of nature. The spiritual meaning of Moss Agate is all about new beginnings. This gemstone is said...
Smoky Quartz Crystal Point Silver Necklace.
Smoky quartz has the power to help you transfer lower energies to higher vibrational energies. The result is a divine connection with mother Earth and a higher state of consciousness in your world and higher realms. With smoky quartz, you’re...
Smoky Quartz Crystal Point Silver necklace
Smoky quartz spiritual meaning, which represents grounding, letting go, and surrendering old wounds. Smoky quartz has the power to help you transfer lower energies to higher vibrational energies. The result is a divine connection with mother Earth and a higher state...
Turquoise Dreams Big Silver Rustic Earrings
These earrings are big and imperfect featuring two beautiful pieces of turquoise highly valued for their protective and spiritual qualities. Turquoise was sacred in its adornment and for power, luck, and protection, believing their minds would become one with the universe...
Organic Dream Silver Earrings
These have been such a delight to make, the plan was something absolutely different. Now they are a little eccentric sparkling pods. they are made from recycled sterling silver with a one of a kind patina, they are kinetic and...
Amethyst Silver Earrings
Amethyst is a highly mystical stone that encourages spirituality and spiritual insights. It heightens our sense of justice and encourages us to act from a place of deep integrity. Amethyst makes an extremely good meditation stone and can help to...
Travelling to the Ethereal Blue sea glass rustic silver long necklace
Travelling to the Ethereal Blue  Oh when I rediscovered these blue sea glass pieces in my treasure trove they needed to be united. This piece is such a kinetic charm its both a journey and a destination in one. The...
Light of the Soul silver artisan necklace
Light of the Soul May your light shine, this necklace is a double sided necklace it opens and closes. It is symbolic of our inner light shinning. There is a very subtle inscription 'Light of the Soul' inside. With a...
Stars in the palm of my Hand silver earrings
Stars in the palm of my Hand A set of hand earrings made by hand in recycled sterling silver. The symbol of hands has long been a protective symbol against ill will and I made these to share goodwill and...
Dance with Me turquoise silver rustic ring
Dance with me  Is a rustic kinetic ring made from 100% recycled silver and turquoise. It moves with you and dances upon your hand. It is made to an adjustable size, please let me know if you would like it...
The Whisper of Leaves botanical silver necklace
The whisper of leaves Hand made from fine silver metal clay and sterling silver. Featuring delicate natural impressions of fern leaves, sunflower impressions and conifer leaves. Measuring 10 cm long x 2 cm wide and comes with a 50 cm...
Worlds Within Silver and Turquoise Earrings
Worlds Within Now this ones have taken some time to finish, they have been sitting on my bench for a while and at last they are complete. Saw pierced from recycled sterling silver and beautiful turquoise beads. They hang to...
Don't just fly Soar big silver eagle bird earrings - Light silver
Don't Just Fly Soar Ok I got a little over excited with these, they are so big and bold just like the message. Hand fabricated and textured from recycled sterling silver. Measuring 7cm long x 5.5 cm wide
I dream of the Sea ancient Roman glass and silver necklace
I dream of the Sea Oceans of worlds drifting and drifting away in oceanic dreams.  Made from recycled sterling silver , delicate sea urchin impressions and Ancient roman glass more than 2000 yrs old. This piece has a beautiful opal...
Oceans Breath II silver artisan necklace
Oceans breath II Hand sculpted from fine and sterling silver.   Measures 50 cm in length..
Rockpools in moonlight sea glass and silver necklace
Rockpools in moonlight Sea glass and silver necklace handmade from recycled sterling silver. Measuring 60cm across with an adjustable chain.
The sea sings to my soul artisan silver necklace
The Sea Sings to my Soul. This necklace is a one of a kind hand made from fine and sterling silver. Each circle has a unique sea urchin impression collected and created by me. She measures to 45cm in her...
Frida Kahlo silver art necklace portrait
Frida Kahlo one of the most influential and iconic female artists.I pay great homage to such an inspiring, honest and vibrant woman in this piece.I made this for a local Frida inspired Art exhibition which was sensational. Having Frida in...
Ancient Greek World Silver Ring
 Ring in Silver is made from an Ancient Greek Drachma Coin replica in a rustic setting. It has a nice ancient quality to it. This ring is handcrafted from recycled fine silver and sterling silver it is made to a size...
Fern silver talisman pendant green glass and recycled silver
  If forests beat in your heart this Talisman could be for you. Lovers of the wild green emphasized by the green glass and a hand cut fern leaf.This a one of a kind piece.Made from sea glass and recycled...
On the way to Blue Opal Artisan Silver necklace
This unique one of a kind pendant is made from a amazing blue raw opal and recycled sterling silver. Measuring 10cm x 2cm and comes with a 60cm silver chain.  Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of...
sculptural silver ring Size AU/UK Q 1/2 US 8.5
This sculptural silver ring is hand fabricated and not cast. It is made from recycled sterling silver. Size AU/UK Q 1/2 US 8 1/2 All of my work is made in my little coastal studio. I use traditional slow jewellery...
Owl silver art necklace one of a kind
Les Hiboux ( The Owls) Sous les ifs noirsqui les abritent Les hiboux se tiennent ranges Ainsi que des dieux etrangers Dardant leur oeil rouge. Ils meditent. Charles Baudelaire's The Owls Under the dark yews which shade them, The owls...
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