Ocean Waves in Chrysocolla gemstone and silver ring adjustable size
Ocean Waves The mesmerising oceanic chrysocolla gemstone is truly hypnotic and soothing. Chrysocolla calms, cleanses and re-energises all the chakras.  It draws out guilt, heals heartache and increases the capacity to love.  Improves communication and opens psychic vision.  Encourages self-awareness and...
Turquoise Ocean Shimmers silver ring adjustable size
Turquoise Ocean Shimmers Hand fabricated ring in authentic turquoise and recycled sterling silver. Adjustable size, please let me know your size and I can readjust it for you.
I dream of the Sea ancient Roman glass and silver necklace
I dream of the Sea Oceans of worlds drifting and drifting away in oceanic dreams.  Made from recycled sterling silver , delicate sea urchin impressions and Ancient roman glass more than 2000 yrs old. This piece has a beautiful opal...
Diving deep silver and ancient Roman glass art necklace
Diving Deep Penetrating the refreshing depths of the sea. Made from 100% recycled silver and Ancient Roman Glass more than 2000 years old.  Measuring 55cm long.
Oceans Breath II silver artisan necklace
Oceans breath II Hand sculpted from fine and sterling silver.   Measures 50 cm in length..
Oceans Breath silver artisan necklace
Oceans Breath Dancing in the sea with magnificent sea urchins delicate and detailed. Hand sculpted in fine and sterling silver. Measuring 40 cm long.
Rockpools in moonlight sea glass and silver necklace
Rockpools in moonlight Sea glass and silver necklace handmade from recycled sterling silver. Measuring 60cm across with an adjustable chain.
The sea sings to my soul artisan silver necklace
The Sea Sings to my Soul. This necklace is a one of a kind hand made from fine and sterling silver. Each circle has a unique sea urchin impression collected and created by me. She measures to 45cm in her...
Dreaming of Atlantis aquamarine crystal silver necklace
Dreaming of Atlantis Mesmerising ancient underwater worlds filled with tranquil subterranean dreams. Hand crafted from recycled sterling silver and aquamarine gemstone. Measuring 8cm long by 4.5cm wide on a 40 cm silver chain.
Quiet ripples on a steel sea big silver artisan necklace
Quiet ripples on a steel sea Hand forged sterling silver necklace echoing the calm of the sea.
Drops of the Ocean turquoise silver long necklace
Drops of the Ocean Is a one of a kind hand fabricated necklace celebrating elements of the Sea.  Measuring a length of 86 cm long
Ocean gems aqua aura crystal silver earrings
Ocean gems The translucent drops of the ocean with a myriad reflections of the sky. Sparkling and mesmerizing us. Handmade from recycled sterling silver and aqua aura crystal. This crystal clears and calms the aura it encourages communication from the...
Glistening sea silver blue pearl earrings
Glistening Sea Below the glistening sea there is the mystery of the deep blue. Made with recycled sterling silver and blue pearls. Measuring 4cm long x 2cm wide
A Talisman of the Sea organic silver bead necklace
A Talisman of the Sea When your heart beats at one with the ocean, her turbulence and her stillness. She soothes and excites at the same time. The tranquil blue hue that glistens with delight. This necklace has a eclectic...
Water falls to the sea silver bead earrings
Waterfalls to the sea These earrings are a tribute to the dramatic downpour of water into the sea. The merging of the two life giving forces. Measuring 9cm long x 2cm wide.
Rockpools big silver artisan earrings
Rockpools Watching the mesmerizing rock crevices filled with life, a world onto itself. Filled with a unique mystery to explore. Hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver. Measuring 4.5 cm long x 3cm wide.
Gifts of the sea recycled silver and shell bangle
Gifts of the Sea Roaming on the majestic shoreline collecting mesmerizing gifts of nature and transforming them into forms of wearable art. Each shell holds a deep connection to the movement of the sea. To all the mermaids that long...
Ripples in moonlight silver organic artisan bracelet
Ripples of water When the gentlest breeze blows over the water and blows all our worries away. Centering and calming us with her gentle ripples. Hand forged from recycled sterling silver.
Mermaids tears rustic pearl and silver earrings
Mermaids tears Glistening on the surface of the ocean and also within its depths. These earrings are dripping with delicate pearls which glisten in the sunlight carrying a memory of the sea. They hang to a length of 6cm long.
Whisper of the Sea rustic silver shell and glass bangle
Whisper of the Sea When the sea sings its restorative rhythm of life and your heart aches to join in and merge with her soothing depths and time stands still between her heartbeats. This bangle is hand forged from recycled...
3 drops of the sea glass silver earrings
Glistening gems of water. Made from recycled glass and sterling silver. 4.5 cm long
Rockpool Turquoise silver ring adjustable size
Rockpool Resplendent turquoise sea water filling such tranquil mesmerizing little seaside cervices, filling rockpools. This ring is handmade from a nice organic chunk of Turquoise hand set on recycled sterling silver. Adjustable size, if you know your size I can...
Drop of the ocean Ancient Roman glass silver ring
Drop of the ocean A glistening drop of the sea so soothing and nourishing to all our senses. This ring is made of Ancient Roman glass  and recycled sterling silver. The colour is a mesmerising aqua with a ancient Atlantean...
Frida Kahlo silver art necklace portrait
Frida Kahlo one of the most influential and iconic female artists.I pay great homage to such an inspiring, honest and vibrant woman in this piece.I made this for a local Frida inspired Art exhibition which was sensational. Having Frida in...

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