Green Eyes Chrysoprase silver rustic necklace
Green Eyes silver rustic pendant. 5cm x 3 cm with a 50 cm silver chain.
Ferns Forever Moss Agate Silver Necklace
Ferns Forever Inspired by the rich green undergrowth of fern covered forest floors. This piece features a unique Moss Agate Moss Agate is also a stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. In the workplace, it draws new business...
Water Falls Silver Raw Opal Necklace
Water fallsOh the relief when the rains finally come at long last.This piece is hand fabricated from sterling silver and Australian raw boulder Opal.Measuring 8 cm ( 3 Inches ) Long X 2.2 cm ( 0.8 Inches ) wide.
Reaching For the Light Silver Tree Pendant
This piece is hand etched to reveal a tree Reaching for the Light. It is handmade from 100% recycled silver. 4cm long x 3 cm wide
Natures whisper Silver Necklace
Hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver and fine silver. One of a kind Measuring 6 cm long x 3 cm wide.
Mermaids Tears Recycled Silver Necklace
Mermaids Tears Swept by the ragging oceans, I imagine these to be the tears of a Mermaid.  Sparkling like her scales and her tears. Hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver and comes with a 55cm silver chain. The pendant measures...
Stitched Close Together Silver Artisan Necklace
"Stitched Close Together" This necklace is about the interconnection of us all, how we all best work together. This is a one of a kind necklace, it is hand cut and textured from recycled sterling silver, each piece and link...
Talisman of Life Silver Artisan Necklace
This piece features many sculptural components oh I was so excited while making this piece as you can probably tell by the many elements involved. There are ferns unfurling, leaves, symbols, Griffins from an ancient Greek Drachma an wings. All...
The Trees Sing Silver and Turquoise Necklace
This piece a one of a kind in honour of the trees. She is handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling, fine silver and turquoise. Measuring 9 cm x 3.5 cm
Dreams of Blue Lapis Lazuli Silver Necklace
This necklace is made from a very bright and unique piece of Lapis Lazuli a stone of wisdom, intuition, and truth, Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to deepen their connection to self. The Lapis Lazuli crystal properties...
Forest landscape silver art necklace one of a kind in recycled silver
'Into the forest."I love roaming in evergreen woodlands, speaking with the trees. This piece is an offering to my time there. This is the second piece in my Landscape series.She is hand etched with an original drawing of mine.The pendant...
The Birch Trees in recycled sterling silver
The Birch Trees The sculptural textures of each branch and the unique artistry of nature. A talisman of trees. Measuring 3cm across.
Light leads the Way Silver Necklace
Light leads the Way Has been hand made from recycled sterling silver. It measures 7cm x 3cm and comes with a 45 cm silver chain.
Fern Forest Talisman Jade Silver Pendant
Living so closely to the earth a covering of moist green ferns scattered beneath the tallest of trees. This piece speaks of the whisper of ferns in pristine forests. This piece has been hand fabricated from recycled fine silver, sterling...
Green Beginnings Moss Agate and Recycled Silver
Moss Agate a lover of all things green. This piece is raw and unrefined as is the inspiration for the piece our beloved nature. Measuring 5cm x 1.5cm
Clarity Clear Quartz Necklace
Clarity, purity and light. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all...
Opal Dreams Silver Necklace
This piece features 4 raw Australian Boulder Opals and handmade silver components that move and talk together. Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions. Encourages both freedom and independence. It enhances...
Darkness to Light Sunstone Fern Leaf Silver Pendant
The amazing sunstone showers us with manifestation  and leadership. Known to empower and boost your self-worth, will and personal power. A sunstone liberates the soul inspiring creativity. This is paired with a fern leaf to enhance the capacity to grow...
A Leaf Shows the Way Recycled Silver Pendant
 A one of a kind handmade artisan necklace made from recycled fine and sterling silver. Measuring 3 cmx 3cm hang on a 45cm silver chain
Oak leaf silver and copper pendant
The Sacred Oak leaf Honoured by the Druids and many cultures. 6 cm x 3 cm
In The Wild Silver Fern Leaf Pendant
Walking through a dense damp rain forest with moist leaves crunching under foot, tall canopy above and a plethora of ferns spreading out below. The air so rich in oxygen and vapour and shafts of light glistening on the leaves....
Big Clear Quartz silver rustic pendant
Oh this quartz has such a brilliant sparkle it is mesmerising I'm not sure I can part with it, but I will try. She is set in a really thick sterling silver claw setting, with rustic textures in the silver....
Gateways to the Soul in recycled Copper
'Gateways to the Soul' This piece was inspired by Moroccan Doorways and ancient journeys. The journey to the soul traverses eternity. This piece is hand fabricated in recycled copper 4.8cm x 3.5 with a 51cm copper chain. All of my...
Oceanic talisman silver necklace with Paua shell, ancient roman glass,recycled glass and fine silver PMC
Oceanic talisman This piece embodies what this entire collection is about a returning to our original home the sea. A return to oceanic consciousness merging with the oneness of all. All of life originates in water and reminds us of...

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