I have a love for the fluid and organic forms in our natural world. Murmurations and whispers from Nature echo in all my work. Organic asymmetry and random textures are what I love to bring to life in every one of my pieces.

My beautiful journey as a silversmith began at the age of 17. Over the next 10 years I experimented and studied techniques that transported me as an artisan onto a path of body adornment exploration and discovery.

I choose to work with recycled metals to care for our delicate world. I am very passionate about protecting our ecosystems and I try to honour that representation in my work. Other sources of inspiration include the many countries I have travelled to, specifically African adornment for its versatility, creative use of raw material and its celebration of cultural originality.

My birthplace was the Czech Republic. I then migrated to Australia with my family when I was only 4 years old and throughout my 20’s lived for a time in India. I now live in the coastal town of Kiama with my husband and daughter. I am surrounded by ancient rainforests, pristine beaches and volcanic rock formations - all elements are evident in my art making process.

Sat 5th of June via www.kiamaartworkshops.com.au
Moss Nest in Berry
Deer Willow in Kiama
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