3 Rustic Silver bangles thin textured in recycled silver
Rustic Wabi sabi Organic Natural texture Modern Simple Wild Chic Eccentric textured recycled Sterling silver Please specify a size Small 6 cm in diameter Medium 6.5 cm Large 6.8 cm If you want a perfect fit please measure the diameter...
3 drops of the sea glass silver earrings
Glistening gems of water. Made from recycled glass and sterling silver. 4.5 cm long
A Leaf Shows the Way Recycled Silver Pendant
 A one of a kind handmade artisan necklace made from recycled fine and sterling silver. Measuring 3 cmx 3cm hang on a 45cm silver chain
$155.00 $130.00
A Sweet Whisper of Leaves recycled silver necklace
'A Sweet Whisper of Leaves' A little whisper to the magnificence of nature. These little leaf impressions are individually handmade from fine silver metal clay and sterling silver. They hang as a little necklace of  natures talismans. The pendant measures...
A Talisman of the Sea organic silver bead necklace
A Talisman of the Sea When your heart beats at one with the ocean, her turbulence and her stillness. She soothes and excites at the same time. The tranquil blue hue that glistens with delight. This necklace has a eclectic...
Ancient Eagle Silver Earrings
Ancient Eagle Silver Earrings These are made from from an Ancient Greek Drachma Coin hand fabricated in fine silver with sterling silver ear wires. They hang to a length of 2.1 cm x 1.2 cm wide. These are replica coins.
Ancient Greek World Silver Ring
 Ring in Silver is made from an Ancient Greek Drachma Coin replica in a rustic setting. It has a nice ancient quality to it. This ring is handcrafted from recycled fine silver and sterling silver it is made to a size...
Ancient Whisper of Protection II Smokey Quartz crystal point Necklace
Ancient Whisper of Protection II Is hand fabricated from 100% recycled silver. It features a Smokey Quartz and an impression of an Ancient Greek Drachma Poseidon Coin. Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone. It gently neutralises negative vibrations and...
$295.00 $250.00
Apophyllite Pyramid Gemstone Silver Ring
This ring is made from the very magical crystal Apophyllite it can also be worn as a necklace. The apophyllite stone meaning is based on its ability to cleanse the mind and body of negative psychic debris. The properties guide us...
Athena Owl Seal Ring in Silver Size M 6/1/2
Athena Owl Seal Ring in Silver is made from an Ancient Greek Drachma Coin. An owl is a symbol of wisdom, strength, and leadership. It is an animal that represents the spirit world and carries messages from it to ours. Athena is often associated...
Beating my Wings natural Turquoise Bohemian silver cuff
Beating my Wings and soaring higher and higher into the ethereal blue. Measuring 20.4 cm long x 5 cm wide with the chain length being adjustable. It has a wild untamed beauty intentionally raw and unrefined rustic style to emphasise...
Big Clear Quartz silver rustic pendant
Oh this quartz has such a brilliant sparkle it is mesmerising I'm not sure I can part with it, but I will try. She is set in a really thick sterling silver claw setting, with rustic textures in the silver....
Big Rustic silver cuff bracelet recycled sterling silver
A Wildly textured Silver cuff truly for the wild at heart. Hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver. Please allow up to 3 weeks for making as these are custom made. All of my work is made in my little coastal...
Big Rustic Silver Earrings
Big Rustic Silver Earrings These earrings are hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver Measuring 9cm long x 4.5cm wide.
Big Rustic Silver Men's Ring
This rustic silver men's ring is hand forged from recycled sterling silver. It has a raw industrial feel. Size AU/UK Q   US 8 1/4
Big silver earrings rustic
Rustic Wabi sabi Organic Natural texture Modern Simple Wild Chic Eccentric textured recycled Sterling silver Due to the hand made quality of my work your earnings will not be an exact copy of the ones in the image. They hang...
Big silver earrings textured
Rustic Wabi sabi Organic Textured Modern Simple Wild Chic Eccentric recycled Sterling silver Measuring 4.5 cm (1.7 ") long The recycled sterling silver comes from a silver supplier who is committed to minimizing environmental impact by recycling metal rather than...
Big Silver Hoops
Big silver hoop earrings made from 100% recycled silver  A classic pair of big hoops and light weight to wear. Made from 1mm thick square wire.   With a diameter of 6cm
Big Silver textured earrings
These earrings are handmade from recycled silver and are textured with a unique pattern. Measuring 6cm long x 2cm wide
Boho earrings big copper silver Eco friendly recycled metals artsian handmade jewelry
Original Simple Raw Rustic Recycled silver and copper Wild Due to the handmade quality of my work the silver swirl will vary to the ones photographed. The recycled sterling silver and copper comes from a silver supplier who is committed...
Charmed Silver Bracelet
More sizes available
Charmed Silver Bracelet
Charmed Hand crafted from recycled sterling silver. Small- 6 cm Diameter Medium- 6.5 cm Diameter Large- 6.8 cm Diameter
Darkness to Light Sunstone Fern Leaf Silver Pendant
The amazing sunstone showers us with manifestation  and leadership. Known to empower and boost your self-worth, will and personal power. A sunstone liberates the soul inspiring creativity. This is paired with a fern leaf to enhance the capacity to grow...
$160.00 $145.00
Diving deep silver and ancient Roman glass art necklace
Diving Deep Penetrating the refreshing depths of the sea. Made from 100% recycled silver and Ancient Roman Glass more than 2000 years old.  Measuring 55cm long.
Doorways silver art Bracelet one of a kind 100% recycled silver
'Doorways' "The unknown is the doorway to infinite possibilities and freedom." Patricia Young This piece is about doorways to natural worlds and the worlds within worlds that we find as we travel. The journey we take with our bodies and...

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