Gifts of the sea recycled silver and shell bangle
Gifts of the Sea Roaming on the majestic shoreline collecting mesmerizing gifts of nature and transforming them into forms of wearable art. Each shell holds a deep connection to the movement of the sea. To all the mermaids that long...
Ripples in moonlight silver organic artisan bracelet
Ripples of water When the gentlest breeze blows over the water and blows all our worries away. Centering and calming us with her gentle ripples. Hand forged from recycled sterling silver.
Whisper of the Sea rustic silver shell and glass bangle
Whisper of the Sea When the sea sings its restorative rhythm of life and your heart aches to join in and merge with her soothing depths and time stands still between her heartbeats. This bangle is hand forged from recycled...
Silver line bangle
More sizes available
Silver line bangle
Handmade from 100% recycled sterling silver.
The Whisper of Nature Silver Bracelet
'The Whisper of Nature' The natural impressions have been hand collected by me and have been handcrafted with fine silver precious metal clay into natures little talismans. The bracelet is a one of a kind handmade in Australia.
Nature Charms Us II Silver Artisan Bracelet One of Kind
The remarkable treasures that surround us every where, this piece is in honour of all those breath taking natural textures. A collection of botanical impressions in recycled fine silver and sterling silver. This bracelet is a medium size with a...
Charmed Silver Bracelet
More sizes available
Charmed Silver Bracelet
Charmed Hand crafted from recycled sterling silver. Small- 6 cm Diameter Medium- 6.5 cm Diameter Large- 6.8 cm Diameter
Twisted Silver Beaten Bangle
More sizes available
Twisted Silver Beaten Bangle
Hand textured recycled silver bangle. Small- 6 cm Diameter Medium- 6.5 cm Diameter Large- 6.8 cm Diameter
Rustic textured silver bracelet in recycled silver
RUSTIC DREAMS This piece is hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver. It has multiple links for an adjustable size. This is a one of a kind piece.
$210.00 $190.00
3 Rustic Silver bangles thin textured in recycled silver
Rustic Wabi sabi Organic Natural texture Modern Simple Wild Chic Eccentric textured recycled Sterling silver Please specify a size Small 6 cm in diameter Medium 6.5 cm Large 6.8 cm If you want a perfect fit please measure the diameter...
Big Rustic silver cuff bracelet recycled sterling silver
A Wildly textured Silver cuff truly for the wild at heart. Hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver. Please allow up to 3 weeks for making as these are custom made. All of my work is made in my little coastal...
Doorways silver art Bracelet one of a kind 100% recycled silver
'Doorways' "The unknown is the doorway to infinite possibilities and freedom." Patricia Young This piece is about doorways to natural worlds and the worlds within worlds that we find as we travel. The journey we take with our bodies and...
Beating my Wings natural Turquoise Bohemian silver cuff
Beating my Wings and soaring higher and higher into the ethereal blue. Measuring 20.4 cm long x 5 cm wide with the chain length being adjustable. It has a wild untamed beauty intentionally raw and unrefined rustic style to emphasise...
Rustic silver cuff bracelet in Recycled sterling silver
A Rustic one of a kind cuff hand textured and forged from recycled sterling silver. The diameter across is 6cm it is a Small size can fit up to a medium.
Leaping into the Blue big natural Turquoise recycled silver Cuff
Leaping into the Blue Reaching to the Sky and beyond. This Cuff is Textured in a raw rustic style to emphasise the raw nature of the stone. This piece features a raw natural Australian Turquoise. Natural Turquoise is rarer as...
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