Don't just fly Soar big silver eagle bird earrings
Don't Just Fly Soar Ok I got a little over excited with these, they are so big and bold just like the message. Hand fabricated and textured from recycled sterling silver. Measuring 8 cm x 6 cm  
Water Falls Silver Raw Opal Necklace
Water fallsOh the relief when the rains finally come at long last.This piece is hand fabricated from sterling silver and Australian raw boulder Opal.Measuring 8 cm ( 3 Inches ) Long X 2.2 cm ( 0.8 Inches ) wide.
Spirit organic silver earrings
These are a one of a kind silver earrings handmade from recycled sterling silver. Measuring 5cm x 3.5cm 
Mountains to Climb Silver Earrings
'Mountains to climb' Roaming free in the high mountains with the crispest air. These are hand crafted from recycled sterling silver and are so big, light and easy to wear. They hand to a length 7.5cm x 5cm wide
3 Rustic Silver bangles thin textured in recycled silver
Rustic Wabi sabi Organic Natural texture Modern Simple Wild Chic Eccentric textured recycled Sterling silver Please specify a size Small 6 cm in diameter Medium 6.5 cm Large 6.8 cm If you want a perfect fit please measure the diameter...
Mermaids Tears Recycled Silver Necklace
Mermaids Tears Swept by the ragging oceans, I imagine these to be the tears of a Mermaid.  Sparkling like her scales and her tears. Hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver and comes with a 55cm silver chain. The pendant measures...
Wabi Sabi Gold and Silver Earrings
Swirling golden light within silver starlight.These earrings are an ode to the stars and their marvelous light.They are hand fabricated from recycled sterling silver and recycled gold.They hang to a length of 1.2 Inches (3 cm) and the circle is...
Leaf Delight Silver Earrings
Leaf DelightIn honour of all our unique and wonderful leaves, so unique and special.Hand crafted from recycled sterling silver.7cm long x 1.2 cm wide
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